How to format a Word doc for writing an APA style college paper (1 of 3)

hello students this video is to help us format a Word document for a college paper that requires APA style so to get started we’re going to focus on a little bit of formatting to setup our paper typically when you guys write you’re likely over here adjusting fonts and sizes but instead for this assignment we’re gonna go ahead and use these templates over here and set up a standard so let’s go ahead and we’re gonna right click modify and we’re just setting up our standard text to be Times New Roman 12-point font good left the line yes and then we want to make sure we go to format paragraph double-spaced make sure these are 0 no indents and we are good to go so we’re gonna go ahead and say that new documents based on this template we don’t need to worry about no spacing because we’re always going to use this normal and then we’ve got a couple different heading styles so going ahead right clicking where you found modify Times New Roman 12 yes we want to make sure our heading is bolded and our heading 1 is going to be centered we’re gonna go ahead and click this new documents based on this template and make sure that our paragraph is set to double-spaced with zeros over here and that is good and then we’re going to go ahead right click modify our heading 2 let’s go ahead it times new roman’ again 12-point font APA style is not a fan of color we like our content of our papers to be judged based on their merit and not on their formatting so we have nice consistent formatting so we’re gonna go ahead double check all this and we’re gonna want to keep this template again but since we’re in a heading 2 heading 1 was centered instead for this one we’re gonna go ahead into our format our paragraph settings make sure that’s at 0 the space that and then see this in indentation part we’re gonna go ahead and click special first line so we can see in the sample here that if we use a heading two it’ll automatically indent for us okay okay and now we’re set so we’ve modified our normal text our heading 1 and our heading to

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